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Server Merge!

Innafox, Sep 23, 11 2:58 AM.
Welcome all new members from Aurora and Requiem! Welcome old members to the RAVEN SERVER! To Honor this well... I'm not sure if it's a historical event but... to honor it I deleted all the old patch information and the news section to make room for the new stuff that will be coming up! Be sure to check it out and I'll keep updating as Prius posts :3


Don't forget to vote on the screenshot competition! You still have a chance... get those votes in :)


Innafox, Sep 5, 11 3:23 PM.
As a couple of you already know... I think my computer's dying x.x so... I can't launch internet browers, start Prius or really open anything. I've run it by Secia [thank you!!! ;.;] and he gave me a solution so now I'm just uninstalling and reinstalling Prius but it's taking a little longer than expected to download... ugh. I hope my computer's not broken and I'm posting the vote on the screenshot competition! VOTE NAO! XD

Second Guild Competition

Innafox, Jul 20, 11 1:20 AM.

Because we are lacking space in the guild, the LVL up mayhem event has been cancelled. To follow up in it's place, we'll do another event! This time the name of the game is to capture the BEST screenshot of...

Characters in action! Take a picture of your character doing something [from attacking to jumping but be creative :)]

I will make a thread on the forums where people can post their screenshots... at the end of the week, I'll make a new thread where we can vote on the top 5. Prizes are as follows:

2nd - 5th place: get a masterwork steel and their names in the guild window!

lst: 2 masterwork steels, a rank up in the guild, a million lif and their name in the guild window!

If this event has a good turnout I might make this a weekly thing but let's not jump to conclusions :)

Good Luck!



COMPETITION ENDS: 8 / 28 / 2011

Back with new updates

Innafox, Jul 11, 11 4:20 PM.
Since I've been back from vacation I've added a couple new things including some pictures to the gallery [one for fun and one of LucysUnderground] and a note on the new patch. I've also added some news articles to the news section and some more items to the bank above so be sure to check it out! In case anyone had a problem with Ventrilo while I was gone [I know I had a problem logging on last night] I tested it this afternoon and it's working fine!

Hope to see you all on soon and be sure to check out our new posts / ads on the official GPot forums!


Post on official guild list:

4th of July Weekend

Innafox, Jul 2, 11 4:11 AM.
Over the 4th of July Weekend and the week after, I will be going to the beach for a vacation :D While I'm there I'll be thinking of our next guild event so drop me a note with some suggestions for contests or anything else that will generate recruits and such!

I'll be in touch, can't wait to hear from you guys soon and Happy 4th of July! :)

Oh! And whoever wins the Prius prizes for the 4th should give me the prize 'cause is sounds sweet and I'm depressed I'm going to miss it... :(   :(   :(

Confused? Look at the News section above under Events :)
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